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39 days
28 min
United-States, 2020

Production : Iva Radivojevic, The Documentary Film Lab Rutgers University
Kalaallisut (Greenlandic), English



A poem from the frozen plains of Greenland blends with the technological prose of a polar expedition. The endless white space, folded by ice, remembers the millions of years of evolution and decades of our negative effect on the planet. Crude and bewitchingly beautiful Arctic as a place of magic blending of languages, traditions, sounds and worlds.

A word from Tënk

I am truly fulfilled when, philosophically, anthropologically, or cinematically, my human field of vision is moved and disrupted into another perspective than my own. Mine is entangled in a sort of objectifying and frozen perspective that has been embedded in ice for ages; this ice has preserved a memory of disjunction and detachment, which tends to silence everything that is not us, humans.

In this film, a deep rumbling sound from the long time of the ice has been installed. This ice sees scientists passing by its coastline, seeking to uncover its mysteries. It thinks aloud and comments. Obviously, it is not the ice that scripts this filmic narrative, but it serves to introduce us to perspectivism and pose this inaugural question: what would it say if it really spoke

Faced with this unanswered question, I am fulfilled.

If the Kalaallisut language enables us to translate the presences that roam the earth, it's not a question of learning this language or adopting another culture, much less believing or not believing in what inhabits the invisible for other cultures. It's simply an invitation to meditate on our sensibilities.

"Spirits are everywhere where silence reigns."


Sylvie Lapointe




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