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52 min
Canada, 1998

Production : Two Wheels Productions (Sandy Greer)

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Soop on Wheels is a story of the tenacity of the human spirit. It is a story of hope and healing, in relating the life and contributions of Everett Soop (1943-2001). Everett was a Blackfoot political cartoonist and humourist. He lived on the Blood Indian Reserve in southern Alberta. His survival tools were a sense of humour, artistic gifts and spiritual values taught to him by his grandparents. He produced a remarkable body of published work, despite the affliction of muscular dystrophy. Everett refused to be regarded as either a victim or a role model, even while confronting adversity throughout his life. His unflinching honesty and courage can inspire each of us to rethink our understanding about disability, why human self-determination is important, and the possibility in life’s journey to discover more fully who we can be.

A word from Tënk

What a character, that Everett Soop! At once soft and sarcastic, he flayed a few of them with his pencil in order to express an indescribable anger. His cartoons have raised many complaints as well as much laughter. All of this seems to me so long ago and far away, and yet so current and so close. I recognized myself a lot in these words. I was sad as much as I laughed out loud.

A documentary that allows us to see this man through a very intimate lens, without censorship. Much loved by his family and ​​peers, he is also hiding from a great enemy. I invite you to watch this essential slice of Blackfoot history from Western Canada.

How much I would have loved to be his niece!

Ni mishta minutuau né napeu ka tepatshimut! (Oh how I loved listening to him talk!)


Jani Bellefleur-Kaltush




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