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Canada, 2015

Production : Snow Angel Films


English, French

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In September 2010, a little prefabricated mosque made its way across the trials and beauty of the Canadian landscape in an epic and unprecedented 4000km journey by road and river from the prairie city of Winnipeg to the small arctic town of Inuvik. As the northernmost mosque in the western hemisphere established its roots in the arctic permafrost, so, too, did the small yet eclectic community of Inuvik Muslims who carved out a unique Canadian identity for themselves as they found friendship and a home amongst some of the oldest Indigenous communities in Canada. Arctic Mosque is a true story of courage, ingenuity, faith and the human spirit.

A word from Tënk

An enchanting and wholesome ode to community solidarity, Arctic Mosque is a story that bursts with hope for the future. Following the Muslim community of Inuvik as they are about to receive not only their very first mosque, but the northernmost mosque of the western hemisphere, this film has us embark on an intergenerational and intercultural journey, showcasing an aspirational Canadian identity. A first film by Saira Rahman and Nilufer Rahman.



Dominique Léger
Head of the programming for FICFA



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