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28 days


Canada, 1997

Production : Tarriaksuk Video Centre, Vidéographe

French, Inuktitut

Bandes de féministes


In this computer-animated work, Inuit filmmaker Mary Kunuk explores stories, tales and songs that she learned in her own childhood. For her, the process of recording them on video keeps them alive.

A word from Tënk

With Unikausiq, Mary Kunuk tells three short stories, combining animation, poetry, and voiceover. All three explore topics that highlight the holistic perspective inherent to Inuit culture, compassion, creativity, and, at the heart of each, play. The first story, Avingalaaraluit, written and directed by Mary Kunuk and narrated by Marie-Hélène Cousineau, is about baby lemmings. The second video, Tease an Inuk (Taquiner un Inuk, in French) was written, directed and narrated in Inuktitut by Mary Kunuk. It explores an interaction between an Inuk and a snow bunting. The third, Singing Gull (Goéland Chantant) was written, directed and narrated by Mary Kunuk. Kunuk sings the gull’s story using traditional Inuit techniques, accompanied by striking visual supports.


Nakasuk Alariaq
Exhibitions curator






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