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30 min
Quebec, 1977

Production : GIV

Programmed by Julia Minne


Bandes de féministes


This video focuses on the 2nd International Meeting of Women’s Health Centers held in Rome in 1977. Challenging the traditional medical power and its macho conception of medicine, women’s health centers report on their research and implementation of alternative practices.

A word from Tënk

A joint French and Québécois production from Dominique Barbier, Josiane Jouët, and Louise Vandelac, À notre santé proposes a collective reflection on feminist experiments in self-care. Fighting back against the repressive practices of the dominant medical community and its oppression of women’s bodies, the images and discussions raised in this film lead us once again to draw connections to the modern day. Indeed, for several years, our cameras have been trained on systemic inequality and obstetric violence enacted by poorly managed and strained health care systems, as attested by Ovidie’s most recent documentary from 2019, Tu enfanteras dans la douleur.


A badly needed return to the source (all the better to regain our forces), Louise Vandelac sums up the call for flourishing solidarity between international feminist movements in a few well-chosen words: “The first international meeting for women and health, held in Rome in 1976. 15 years after Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published, speaks to the heart of the feminist and ecological movements, their vitality and creativity that will centre the health of living spaces and living beings as a key issue for the 21st century.”




Julia Minne
PhD student and programmer



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