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Germany, Switzerland, France, 2018

Original music : Donato João Production : Gachot films, Idéale Audience, Neos Film

Programmed by Richard Berthou

German, Portuguese, English, French

French, English

Sélection - Visions du Réel 2020



Where are you, João Gilberto? is a feature-length documentary adapted from the book Hobalala by the German journalist and writer Marc Fischer. In his book, originally written in German, Fischer tells of his compulsive search for the last great musical legend of our time, the Brazilian musician João Gilberto. The creator of Bossa Nova, and a figure of modern popular music mythology, Gilberto has not appeared in public for decades.

Though Fischer ultimately fails in his efforts to track down and meet Gilberto, he does succeed in compiling an animated account of Brazil’s music and culture, and especially of its most electrifying tradition, Bossa Nova.

A word from Tënk

In his book Hobalala, German journalist Marc Fischer recounts his quest to meet his idol, João Gilberto, who has disappeared from public view. In turn, filmmaker Georges Gachot follows Fischer’s narrative and its clues in order to tell a true detective story, an investigation in search of a missing person. One of the most original and successful documentaries made at the meeting point of literature, cinema, and music, taking place at the very heart of Rio de Janeiro. But who can say if we’ll ever find João Gilberto, mythical artist, father of Bossa Nova…

Richard Berthou
Co-programmer of the Festival Musical écran

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