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94 min
France, 2019

Production : Les Films en vrac, La Belle Kinoise productions

Programmed by Jennifer Alleyn

French, Lingala
English, French



In Kinshasa, in the midst of the indescribable social and political chaos, a seething contemporary scene is creating from nothing, shouting its anger and dreaming of recognition. Despite the harassment of the authorities and the personal difficulties of the artists, the movement invades the street and nothing will stop it!

A word from Tënk

Living in Kinshasa is already a performance. Here, art is everywhere. Offered to anyone who has eyes to see. The African verb, pictorial, powerful, precise, accompanies this journey in the chaotic streets of the dusty city. The art is political, the voice is steady. The anger is channeled, structured by the limitless imagination of the omnipresent performers. Monkey skulls, machetes, cartridges or bottle caps, everything is matter. The artists salvages the smallest splinter of plastic. Melted, it becomes glue and seals a false ruby on a scrap metal sculpture. Art triumphs. Kinshasa is a giant exhibition, without walls or curators. Art, a refuge where everyone finds an access to speech, to the expression of a legitimate anger. ''And the generation that arrives is more radical, it has only known chaos, it practices an art of fever'', says Béni. Kongo Astronaut, he practices total resourcefulness, without water or electricity. One orphaned since the age of 6, the other chased away from his family because he was a child sorcerer, they meet at the Beaux-Arts. The camera sneaks behind Strombo, a horned dancer, between the crowds, and meanders among the many curious kids. Who are the real wizards? The politicians. And the artists educate, shock, shake up. Vigilant, they explain to people their rights. "You have no money. But you have unlimited desires. So you create with your body, and everything you find. That's the System K. The resistance. Because the devil is running this country. The youth can't move forward. We must smash the system. And in Congo, the revolt passes by the living art, engaged. And camera in hand, Renaud Barret joins, in solidarity, his voice to the choir. With the utmost respect. No rest.



Jennifer Alleyn



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