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Quebec, 1997

Production : Sylvie Laliberté

Programmed by Pascale Ferland



Prix AQCC - Meilleure fiction, court ou moyen métrage - 1998



This is a story about a love story. We often believe that love stories are lived in a horizontal position, very, very horizontal. However, love is experienced standing up. So I tell this story with both feet in the snow. I work with and within the limits of the screen to show how much love tends towards freedom, even when it’s a story confined by its own history and form, in this case, video.

A word from Tënk

Sylvie Laliberté has a child’s instinct for play. She plays with words, with her face, and with the movements of her body in space. In her video Oh la la du narratif, the artist tells us, with disarming naïveté, the tragedy that surrounded her following the arrest and imprisonment of her lover. Much like Gelsomina in La Strada, Laliberté conveys this forced absence with luminous wonder. She dances and sings in the snow, as if the act of filming were a tool for resistance and survival. The story is characterized by an abundance of profound existential themes and staging that slips between dreams, the imaginary, and reality. Laliberté’s poetry is unadulterated, resonating like a timeless and bittersweet fable.




Pascale Ferland




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