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France, Italy, 2012

Production : Idéale Audience, Videomante, Arte France, Main d'or création

English, Italian, French

French, English



Spira Mirabilis is an extraordinary new project drawing together some of Europe’s finest young players. It offers a radical new approach to the classical music concert. Mostly in their 20s, practising and performing without a conductor (and without any fee!), these highly-skilled players break down the traditional barriers between performer and audience. It is significant that at a time when the values of the capitalist world again are trembling at their foundations, a group was formed in this manner, outside the traditional circuits, its very existence a testimony that the quest for meaning transcends all else. The musical experiment developed by this group of young and talented musicians will be the main theme of our film, which will attempt to focus on the ideals embedded in this manner of “playing music together,” to follow the practice in the course of work sessions and scenes from collective life.

A word from Tënk

A film for music-lovers? Perhaps…

And then again, no: we find ourselves, rather, oriented towards this democratic ideal of an orchestra without a conductor. An improbable orchestra led, instead, by its musicians who, through dialogue and passion, dive deeply, freely, and fully, together, into music.

A film that touches the soul like the promise of a better life.



Marie-Odile Demay
Transmedia producer and creator



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