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39 days
26 min
Quebec, 2019

Original music : Ida Toninato Production : Frédéric Dallaire



Accompanied by several sound recorders, the musician Ida Toninato plays the baritone saxophone in reverberated places: the members of this musical and cinematographic group walk in sound, in space, in time. This film with few images and a lot of sounds shares these concrete and fantasized listening, from the ship’s hold to the cathedral to a huge concrete building. The use of a quality listening device (headphones or speakers) is recommended to appreciate the acoustic universe of this sonic movie.

A word from Tënk

Closing one's eyes to better perceive and immerse oneself in the inner night, for within this nocturnal realm, it is through sound that daylight emerges.


Traversing the fragmented walls of a stairwell cage, the porous concrete of an abandoned building, or even the frozen steel of a ship's hold, Dallaire and Toninato's oral film confronts us with evidence that if space has a form, it is primarily sonic, and its contours are revealed through movement. This original proposition constitutes one of the strengths of the film, as the economy of images paradoxically renders the perimeter more visible. Height and volume thus become qualifiers of two adjacent dimensions (space and sound), with timbre serving as the point of encounter, that of shared experience.



Constructed and edited in the likeness of concave and convex spaces that interlock, open, close, intertwine, and then expand, Ida's Dream is an awakened reverie reminding us that beyond the realm of imagination, we are vibration.




Matthew Wolkow
Filmmaker and curious by profession



Item 1 of 4

Item 1 of 4