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Brazil, 2019

Production : Couro De Rato


French, English

The films of Massimadi


A glimpse at the situation of the transmasculine population in Brazilian prisons, told through the problems created by ignorance, transphobia, prejudice, and discrimination.

A word from Tënk

This documentary was presented at the 13th Massimadi Festival in Montreal in February 2021. The film stands out due to its original and rarely seen subject: the life of trans men in a Brazilian prison environment. Indeed, the reality of trans men is highly invisibilized within the LGBTQ+ movement and even within the trans movement. It is imperative that we share the voices of these men, which are rarely, if ever, heard. Listening to the point of view of the people telling their own stories is the best way to inform oneself and therefore to bring more justice in this world. 


Laurent Maurice Lafontant
Massimadi Foundation President



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