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Quebec, 1961

Production : ONF / NFB

Programmed by Marc St-Pierre

French, English



One Sunday in Canada visits an Italian community in the northwest sector of Montreal, where about half of the city’s 150,000 Italians live. A very human story of people adapting to life in a new environment.

A word from Tënk

Originally hired as a screenwriter for the NFB in the late 1950s, Gilles Carle quickly moved on to directing. In the three years between 1961 to 1964, he filmed six documentary shorts! This little black-and-white jewel of a film on Montréal’s Italian community is among them. If the film comes with a few holdovers from classical documentary (voiceover and soundtracks that aren’t synchronous), Guy Borremans’ camera work, supported by Bernard Gosselin, Georges Dufaux and Jean Roy, exemplifies the spirit of direct cinema, a new documentary approach increasingly favoured by the French-language NFB team at the time.

Marc St-Pierre
Curator of Collection, National Film Board of Canada

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