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Palestine, Germany, 2020

Production : Aljafari films

Programmed by Nour Ouayda


French, English

Sélection - Visions du réel 2020



Following an act of vandalism, the father of the Palestinian filmmaker decides to install a surveillance camera in order to record the scenes unfolding in front of his house.

A word from Tënk

For many years, a fig tree has grown across from the Aljafari home. During the summer of 2006, a surveillance camera installed to identify a vandal also filmed this tree, passers-by, neighbours, and a car with a broken window. The pixelated video blurs faces and accentuates every gesture, colour and movement. Cards appear showing the identities of the people we observe. Aljafari narrates this choreography of daily life as it slowly sets in. Repetition and breaks: a man commits an act of vandalism under the camera’s watchful eye. He’s caught red-handed—Aljafari tells us so, writing “that’s him” on the screen. Today, the camera is boxed away in the garage, the vandal no longer sets foot in the neighbourhood, the neighbours have disappeared, the filmmaker remains in exile, the fig tree has been uprooted and Palestine remains occupied territory. An Unusual Summer is a film that reveals the multiple layers of resistance that unfurl in daily life under occupation.




Nour Ouayda
Filmmaker, critic et programmer




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