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This film is
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Filmmaker : Charles Fairbanks et Saul Kak Mexico, 2019 PRODUCTION : Charles Fairbanks et Saul Kak
Spanish French, English

About this film


A sensory short film that portrays, with an experimental treatment, the daily life of the Mexican indigenous community Zoque, which is marked by the ghost of a volcanic eruption that occurred in 1982. An immersion filmed over a period of six years, punctuated by powerful and relevant images.


This short film is a little gem that boldly mixes the genre of the ethnographic film and that of the cinematographic essay to address the topics of communication and human relationships..


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Murghab by Martin Saxer, Marlen Elders and Daler Kaziev


Charles Fairbanks et Saul Kak

Saul Kak is an internationally acclaimed painter and native speaker of Zoque whose art practice is dedicated to the "cosmovisión" and rights of his people. Charles Fairbanks is a filmmaker, writer, and Guggenheim fellow whose films have screened on POV and at Anthology Film Archives, CPH:DOX, Visions du Réel, and hundreds of festivals across six continents. Together, their films strive to document modern challenges of Zoque people in a way that conveys their unique worldview. Their previous film The Modern Jungle (La selva negra) was picked by multiple critics as one of the best Latino films of 2016; it was awarded Best Documentary at Présence Autochtone: The First Nations Festival of Montreal; it won jury awards at Slamdance and Athens; and it screened at Art of the Real, Visions du Réel, DokuFest Kosovo, and dozens of other festivals around the world.