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This film is
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The Visit

Filmmaker : Jorge Leandro Colás Argentina, 2019 PRODUCTION : Carolina M. Fernández
Spanish English

About this film


Five hundred women and a handful of men go to the small town of Sierra Chica to visit the prisoners of its penitentiary every weekend. This prison complex has three units, it houses about 4000 inmates, and it is surrounded by inns, bars and boarding houses that are open exclusively for the visitors whose stay there is both massive and fleeting. Bibi's boarding house and El Gallego's bar are two places where the visitors' life stories come together during a few days.

FIFEQ-MTL's opinion

These women, caustic and full of humour, allow us to penetrate their intimacies and to discover their strengths, weaknesses, and the personal challenges behind these transient days, while the film depicts the routine of a town vibrating with their presence.


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The Voices From Inside by Elina Chared

In addition
Discussion between Amélie Ward and Gaëlle Lechevallier around this thematic block


Jorge Leandro Colás

Born in Río Negro, Argentina, Jorge Leandro Colás studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, specializing in documentary cinema. His first documentary film, Retiro Shelter (2009) participated in more than 30 festivals, including Mar del Plata (Best National Film), IDFA and Cinéma du Réel. Later, he made Gricel (2012) and The Football Boys (2015) which were shown in Mar del Plata and BAFICI. His first fiction film, Pool Sweeper (2017), was premiered at Mar del Plata Film Festival.