This film is
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This film is
no longer available
in our catalog

Polluted Leisure

Filmmaker : Clifton Evers & James Davoll United Kingdom, 2019 PRODUCTION : Clifton Evers et James Davoll
English French

About this film


An experimental work with an oppressive atmosphere that recounts the experiences of reckless men surfing on noxious waves in a post-industrial ecosystem on the shores of the North Sea in England. These waves, polluted with human and industrial debris, are those of a toxic Anthropocene.


This film creation is a sensory odyssey with a fascinating visual and sound treatment. It is an ode to toxicity in all its forms - particularly that of man.


Murghab by Martin Saxer, Marlen Elders and Daler Kaziev
( ( ( ( ( /﹡\ ) ) ) ) ) by Charles Fairbanks and Saul Kak


Clifton Evers & James Davoll

Clifton Evers is a lecturer in media and cultural studies at Newcastle University, He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney. His areas of research are sports, leisure, masculinity and pollution. His work includes employing wearable technologies as a research method to conduct ‘wet ethnography’ e.g. in the sea. Clifton also uses experimental creative methods to conduct and share research. Clifton’s research has been published in journals such as Leisure Sciences, Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Sport in Society, Social & Cultural Geography, and Cultural Studies Review. He primarily employs ethnography to conduct research, and experiment with creative outputs and methods e.g. ethnographic fiction, soundscapes, film.

James Davoll is a multi-disciplined artist working across creative digital media, video installation, film, photography and sound. He is based in Culture Lab, Newcastle University, UK. His practice explores specific landscapes, asking questions of their contemporary role, relevance and our emotive response to them. He seeks to investigate our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world. With his main background in lens based media, he has found himself more and more bewitched by the art of sound and performance. As an artist James is interested in the intersection of the visual and sonic landscape.