This film is
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This film is
no longer available
in our catalog

Island Road

Filmmaker : Francescu Artily France, 2019 PRODUCTION : Lea Eouzan Pieri
English, French French

About this film


The island of Jean Charles, in southeast Louisiana, is destined to disappear under the ocean within a few years. As a project to relocate the island's indigenous Choctaw, Biloxi and Chitimacha communities is undertaken by the U.S. State Department, these last inhabitants ponder on their uncertain, precarious future, and on their isolation, between resistance and abandonment to forced migration.

FIFEQ-MTL's opinion

A luminous and contemplative portrait that immerses itself in the daily life of the last inhabitants of Jean-Charles Isle. A beautiful cinematographic moment punctuated by magnificent images.


A Fish Tale by Emmanuelle Mayer


Francescu Artily

Born in Ajaccio, Corsica, Francescu Artily graduated with a B.A. in Art and Visual Arts in Mexico and earned his Master’s Degree in Filmmaking from the Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia of Barcelona in 2008. He continued to write and direct his first short fiction film Entre-nous (Between Us), which was released by Escándalo Films. Since 2009, Artily works as Filmmaker and Director of Photography for documentary and fictional films. In 2019 he presented his first feature documentary film Island Road, shot in Louisiana. His works have been selected and awarded at various international film festivals. Artily currently prepares his next fictional short film produced by Sacrebleu Productions and 13 Productions.