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This film is
no longer available
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Filmmaker : Nicolás Aguirre Chile, 2019 PRODUCTION : Nicolás Aguirre
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About this film


In the words of the filmmaker: “As an immigrant, I had several jobs, one of them being in a recycling company, where I stayed for four months. I was immediately struck by the space and by the way the workers took over it. The place was worn down by the incessant activity. It was repetitive, dirty, and hard work, but there were workers who had been working there for twelve years, always on the verge of alienation, resisting by re-signifying the space, the objects, and their connections. That’s when I became concerned about documenting everything around me with my cellphone, which allowed me to be more discreet, but also more honest, since I was working there. Recording was my way of redefining that workspace.”

Interview with the filmmaker

FIFEQ-MTL's opinion

In a recycling factory, an employee films his work and that of his colleagues with his cellphone. The result is a sensory experience of great power, almost dreamlike, which allow us to feel the relationships between the workers and their relationship with time and space. An experimental film of great intelligence that manages to transpose us into this alienating universe, in 6 minutes chrono.


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Nicolás Aguirre

Nicolás Aguirre is a musician and filmmaker. He participates in diverse projects between Chile and Montreal. For a few years, he has been interested in how to combine experimental music and observational cinema