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This film is
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Filmmaker : Ruken Tekes Turkey, 2019 PRODUCTION : Ruken Tekes, Billur Arikan, Gabriele Oricchio
Kurdish English

About this film


Aether is a breathtaking feature-length homage to the ethereal essence of Hasankeyf, a culturally and ecologically invaluable cave-city of Ancient Mesopotamia that is endangered by a controversial Turkish hydroelectric dam project. This exquisitely slow and meditative film is shaped by emotions, feelings, and observations, and reveals some of the mythical place’s truths by following an unencumbered chronology.

FIFEQ-MTL's opinion

A superb film beautifully capturing the sensorial quality, poetry and spirit of a place soon to be altered irremediably.


Monument of distance by Azar Saiyar


Ruken Tekes

Rûken Tekeş is a Kurdish filmmaker, born in 1976 in Diyarbakır and currently based in Istanbul. She graduated from EUIC Venice with an E.MA in Human Rights and Democratization, after completing programs of International Relations in University of Vienna, Strategy in University of California Los Angeles, and a BBA in University of Marmara. She worked a number of years as International Human Rights Expert for the United Nations with honors and recognitions. In parallel to her legal, political and academic work, she contributed to human rights in cinema by pioneering the EUIC Human Rights Cinema Award, School in Cinema Human Rights Advocacy, and UN International Human Rights Film Festival. After having a serious injury in late 2014, she was in long bed-recovery during which she has developed a number of stories and screenplays on social, political and environmental issues. Established in 2016 Sarya Films, written & directed & produced Hevêrk / The Circle as her 1st short film. AETHER (2019) is her debut feature documentary premiered in Visions Du Reel and received the Golden Orange Jury Award in Turkey, continues to travel and receive awards.